Product Knowledge

Not only do we offer premier outdoor brands, but we also offer quality manufacturers who are proven and relevant to customers who require the highest level of durability and function. Our approach includes market research of current and future product lines and maintaining a thorough understanding of availability and pricing and how these factors could affect customer requirements and decisions.

Curated for Your Needs

We provide a diverse assortment of products specifically tailored to meet the requirements and budget of the end-users If you know what you are looking for, we make sure you get it. If you are unsure what you are looking for, SOS will help define your requirements and curate a solution targeting your individual needs.

Diverse Assortment

End-users who have non-standard or low-visibility requirements for outdoor gear and apparel will find SOS’s services particularly useful and cost-effective. We have many years of experience ensuring clients are outfitted with a diverse assortment of gear and apparel to avoid an overt, group appearance when traveling or conducting operations in which a higher level of discretion is required.

High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is intimate and direct. We keep procurement professionals, buyers, and end-users informed via direct communication regarding order status through all phases…from the quote to the boat.

Talk is cheap.

Let us prove there's no substitute for experience.

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